Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who . . .What is Jahyah's Beauty?

O.K. So I know a lot of you have been wondering . . . who and what is Jahyah’s Beauty. So I thought I’d do the correct thing and properly introduce myself. First, my name is Angela L. Harris and I currently reside in Dallas, NC. A small rural area right outside of Charlotte. I’ve been living there for about 2 years now, with my husband Keith and two daughters Ajah (pronounced Asia) and Ayannah Harris.
The story of Jahyah’s beauty begins in late 2004 with the birth of my oldest daughter Ajah Harris. From birth, my little girl unfortunately suffered from eczema, a skin condition of those who suffer from inflammation and dryness of the skin. This was not to surprising, due to her father who also suffered from extremely dry skin from childhood also. After applying various commercial creams onto her skin, I consulted a doctor who prescribed my young child a type of topical steroid. Upon returning home, I researched the medications that the doctor sent home and was dismayed at what I had found. These creams were going into her bloodstream and were not recommended for someone her age. What was I to do? Sadly, I continued to use the cream, but only sparingly as her condition would worsen. In between uses, I continued trying other major cosmetic brands to help cure her aching skin.
In early 2008, I was blessed with another beautiful daughter Ayannah Harris. Ajah, who was 2 at the time, could not pronounce her name and instead called her “yah yah” for short. At about 6 months, I started to discover that Ayannah was also developing skin inflammation, but was more severe than Ajah had experienced. I knew that I did not want to use the same creams that Ajah used, so I began to research different ingredients and started testing the homemade recipes that were listed for remedies.
It was then that I discovered the benefits of shea butter! Oh how this rich butter worked wonders on my daughters skin. Also allergic to fragrances, I began mixing this butter with rich oils and saw how this strengthened her skin back to its healthy state. I was hooked!! My husband and daughters began looking for the creams, commercial products were thrown out our home, and friends and family began asking for my products. When it was time to think of a name for my new business, it became easy . . . combine the names of my girls and add beauty to specify the products sold: Jahyah’s Beauty was born.
What about you? Do you have an interesting story behind your business name? Please share your story!!


  1. What a wonderful story Jahyah and so beautifully written! My business name is Black Rose (Black because of my skin colour and Rose is my favourite flower).

  2. Wow! I love to read stories like this! Modern medicine often forgets some amazing discoveries that can be found in nature!

  3. awesome story! Thanks for sharing the birth and creation of your business!

  4. As a mother of a child with eczema it's very inspiring to read that you found something to help your daughters. I didn't see any creams in your shop, do you plan to add any? Unfortunately she is allergic to nuts so I could not use the soap.

  5. I will definitely be posting the creams ASAP. Please look out for them and thank you all for the comments!! Happy Blogging :)

  6. What a wonderful story. I wonder if your cream would help my hubby's rosacea; the prescription for it is $150.00...can you believe that.