Saturday, January 17, 2009


ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

O.K. So I think I'm falling in love with ArtFire! It's not that I'm against any other craft selling venue, but I must say that each day I've become increasingly connected to their website.
I've tried to define what it is that draws me to their site, and I must conclude that the answer is very simple indeed! It's the fee of $7.00 per month (for the first 5,000 accounts) to list as many items as my heart desires! What more could I ask for?
Of course, ArtFire offers many other great incentives, such as two accounts, guilds, stats, customized shop templates, and most recently market hub (for verified accounts), but I'm just simply in love with basics . . . .$7.00 a month . .list ALL I want:) What about you?


  1. im in love with artfire too. your blogs looking good and just for a bit of fun, tou have been TAGGED

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  2. I've been checking out Artfire as of late and the $7 monthly fee does seem rather appealing. My only concern is the fact that I'm very new to soap making and will have to wait at-least two weeks before my latest soap is cured. The other thing that puts me off is that fact that I may not sell enough soap to cover the $7 fee. What is a newbie soaper to do? *sigh*