Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to the Basics!!

Good Afternoon fellow Bloggers and friends! It's been a long time since I've posted to my blog, and in that time a lot of has happened and a lot of thinking has occurred! I am so thankful, that I come to realize how much I loved the craft of candle making and couldn’t stay away from what was calling my name!
I guess I should first tell the story of why I stopped posting blogs, making candles, and selling my products. About a year ago, I lost a close family member at the age of 25 to pancreatic cancer. It shook my world completely! I couldn’t understand how such a young man could be diagnosed with such an aggressive form of cancer; I couldn't understand how he could leave four small children to be raised without a father. Now of course, I didn’t blame him or anybody, but I just couldn’t understand. Upon diagnosis, it only took six months for the cancer to eat away at his body and the time afterwards really left me depressed and without reasoning to want to continue selling or even making my craft.
One would probably think otherwise, that if nothing else, his passing should have encouraged me to continue on. .that life is short. And in some parts of my life, I can say that he did teach me that. However, when it came to entering my craft studio, and begin creating I could not bring myself to do it. I needed time, and I took full advantage of that time. I cried a lot, I asked a lot of questions, I developed new friendships, I laughed, and then I told myself I was ready!
I can honestly say that it was not without help. A special friend told me could I could it. They offered encouragement, they were patient and I thank them for that. I needed someone to listen and to believe in me and they did that, and I thank them for that also. In all areas of my life, I was one who offered encouragement to others, but often neglected to offer that for myself. Now I can say, I understand the power of friendship, motivation and encouragement from others.
So now . . . here I am! Back to the basics! Back to creating what I love! This morning my oldest daughter came to me and said “Mommy, let’s go make some candles!” Wanna guess what we did today?!?!?! Made some Candles! I’m Back!!!!

The image above is my oldest daughter helping to measure the soy wax. Go Ajah!!

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